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what agents have to say about the service

"The biggest thing for me I would say is having another set of eyes on my contracts and documents and helping brainstorm ways to to fix problems. This has really freed me up to procure new business and showing buyers properties, I can just call and ask you if I need something when I am on the road!" Shanda Madriaga, REALTOR, 2018

“Using a transaction coordinator streamlines the process and makes it far less stressful especially at those peak times." Claire Slyman, REALTOR, 2016


“The staff of SMART is always professional when dealing with my clients or when working through issues in a transaction. They status me appropriately. They make me aware of issues in advance of them becoming problems.” Matt Shaw, REALTOR, 2016


“Saves me time…frees up my time to focus on lead gen & keeping my pipeline flowing. I have had significant decrease in fall through files since getting smart.” Kelly Wilson, REALTOR,  2016

“Using Shoshana as my TC has changed the dynamic of my business and allowed me to almost double my sales over the last 2 years bringing me to over $10 million in sales in 2015 .” Dana Robbins, REALTOR, 2016

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